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Marie Modiano "Ram on a Flag" CD

by Marie Modiano



1 Reverie
2 New Wings Of Mine
3 The Islands And The Skerries
4 Long Journey On A Rock Pool Trail
5 Paper Boots Feat. Peter von Poehl
6 Ram On A Flag
7 Trees Of Babylon
8 Shutters Of Sand Feat. Peter von Poehl
9 Twilight Rhapsody

Produced by Peter von Poehl
Words and music by Marie Modiano (except tracks 1, 2, 8: music by Marie Modiano and Peter von Poehl)
Recorded by Christoffer Lundquist, assisted by Mathias Olden at AGM, Vallarum, Sweden and Simon Yttergen at Hammarby Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Mixed by Christoffer Lundquist at AGM, Vallarum, Sweden
Mastered by Bjorn Engelman at Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden
Performed by:
Peter von Poehl (guitar, vocals)
Martin Hederos (piano, organ)
Christoffer Lundquist (bass, saxophone)
Jens Jansson (drums, percussion)
Thomas Ebrelius (violin, viola)
Marie Modiano (vocals, piano on tracks 3 & 5)
Photography by Julien Bourgeois
Art direction by Sophie Glasser & Pascaline Warsky
Management by Damien Besançon
P & C Nest & Sound 2013